Monday, December 7, 2009

Monica's Christmas Decor

It's been a while since I've been able to post, but for three very good reasons, my three daughters. Wanted to share a few pictures of our decorations, the ones that I've been able to photograph anyway.

Our Advent Calendar
Tiny stockings made by my husband and myself in 2004
from gifted fabric and .15 cent tree ribbons
hand painted wooden stars and numbered them

Advent Stockings close-up
The bows are from our wedding, circa 2001

Santa and his sleigh sits on top
Painted little paper mache boxes and added ribbon for the sleigh

The Girl's Stockings
Made from the same fabric as the Advent Stockings

The Stocking Hangers
Have collected several angel tree toppers that
sit on top of some very old books that belonged
to my Husband's Grandfather.

The Kitchen Garland
(the same garland that decorates the stocking shelves, with different ribbon)
Also decorate with Gingerbread Men, but was unable to get good pictures today.

As a young family in the military we used materials we already had or that were gifted to us keeping portability in mind. You never knew if you were going to have a fireplace mantle so we bought the two bookshelves that usually flank either side of the couch so that we could decorate them if need be.

Would of shown the couch, but in the process of recovering it and it's not ready for the big debut!



  1. your decorations are beautiful!! :)

  2. how pretty! i am especially loving your little stocking advent calendar garland- what a fabulous idea!

  3. Sweet :) I loved hearing the story behind them! Looking forward to the sofa debut!!

  4. All your decorations are so beautiful. I think this store that you and Melisa have is a wonderful idea. I love your writings - you really need to be a writer. Love Always, Mom

  5. I hope you do move closer - I wish so hard. I hope you move next door !!! We could have so much fun. We could open a Christmas Shop. I love you. I hope you have a wonderful new week filled with all things Christmas.