Wednesday, March 17, 2010


...for this little beauty...

...came from these little boots!

Little Byrd had an "From Inspiration to Completion" blog post last week where she created the most darling bag from an image she had in her swipe file. Well, Rebekah's post got me to thinking and roaming through my own swipe files when I came across the little pink boots above. They orginally inspired a little raincoat project, but after researching laminated cotton and finding out just how expensive the material is the project was quickly filed to the back of my mind.

Recently went looking for new jackets for the girls and found nothing to my liking.
So out of neccessity, the Little Marisol Jacket was born.

Close-up of sleeve details

So many ideas are brewing for the Marisol Coat.
Hoping to get it graded up to at least to a girl's size 8 and doing some research into making it a pattern for sale. For now the coat is offered in a toddler's size 2 in our shop.
Inspiration: Pink Boots are from a past line by Janie and Jack

Happy St. Patty's Day


  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to visit - I found the tea cup going to Melisa's in Caldonia. All little girls love Pink !!! I love your music and I love that commerical. I also like the new one they came out with. I cannot believe it is only six weeks away for your moving date. Are you excited? I received your email and will let you know as soon as everything arrives. Thanks so much. Love Mom.