Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dear Tilly...

...I know it's your wedding but I just couldn't help myself! Hope you like what I have found and we'll get together soon after the move to daydream about wedding gowns.

Much Love,

For those of you who don't know I'm the oldest of six children. Only twelve minutes older than MeLisa, but still the oldest. Nine years later came our single sister Kathleen, two more years later came our single brother Joseph, then when MeLisa and I were the ripe old age of 14, came our twin sisters Mary and Carolyn. Carolyn, otherwise known as Tilly and the baby of the family has gotten engaged. Tilly asked if I would make her wedding gown, I'm so honored and excited. Today I found a wealth of inspiration on Project Wedding and just had to share.

Tilly dreams of blues for her wedding day

The fabulous hair is what I loved in this one

Ok, I just love yellow

Look, the wee ones are wearing wings

This one has all of my favorite colors!
Not to mention the shoes are TO.DIE.FOR!

My sister-in-law's wedding was beautiful!
Will share pictures as soon as I can!
Looking forward to creating and blogging more!

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