Monday, February 1, 2010

Faded Sparkles & 7 Things Twin Style

Today I was cleaning out the shoe bins and found all of these lovelies. For those of you who don't know, I have three little girls and they all LOVE their sparkle shoes. What I love is that they wear them enough to have made them lose some of their sparkle.

Translation: Abundant amounts of imagination at our house

On another happy note...
...look at what the darling
Rebekah of Little Byrd bestowed upon us.
We are tickled pink to have been tagged
and here are our 7 random things;

1. Feel incomplete when not near MeLisa.
So pretty much always feel like that!
2. I'm a Movie Soundtrack Junkie! Current favs on Ipod Shuffle
are Penelope, Amelie, P.S. I Love You, Elizabethtown...
3. Went to Design School and would love to be able to
incorporate that knowlegde more into how I live.
4. I dislike that I'm allergic to so many things!
Makes me feel like I'm a boring person.
5. Love the colors Yellow and Gray.
6. Currently writing a book and dream of being published one day!
7. Recently broke my cell phone and I don't want another one.

1. I believe Monica to be the other half of my heart and soul.
2. Listen to mostly Jazz and Rock,
current fav to see perform is Uncle Plum
3. Dream of finding a job where I can
grow and pursue my interior design passions.
4. Dislike that I'm allergic to many things, too!
So together, that makes us one complete boring person. ha!
5. Love the colors Red and Yellow.
6. Currently living in and renovating a house built in 1850
7. Told that I bite my lip, and say "Really?!" and
"That's Fan-tas-tic!" a lot!

To keep the ball rolling we're passing along the award to:
Happy Monday!

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